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Staff retention and skills shortages and are consistently cited as the biggest risks to UK businesses. Apprenticeships provide a solution to businesses across all industries by offering a cost effective route to attract fresh talent and to invest in workforce development. If you have trained staff with the right skills for the job, they can do a wider range of tasks and take on new responsibilities – this can help to reduce skill shortages, minimise staff turnover, improve your customer experience and increase productivity.

After finishing, 77% of apprentices stay with the same employer (* Statistics from GOV.UK), meaning apprenticeships offer employees the career development opportunities they desire, helping to create a more highly skilled, loyal workforce.

Training and development set businesses apart in a competitive market place, not only enabling you to attract the best talent but enhance your businesses brand.

Enhanced skills mean higher productivity and better service. Combined with the wider benefits to brand, training places businesses ahead of their competition.

University of Northampton students

The University of Northampton takes gold...

We have also been given the Gold Award in the Government's Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) – the highest rating possible which places us among the elite of the UK's higher education institutions.

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